Here at Blueprint Consulting, we provide a positive work environment in which to develop both professionally and personally. We provide opportunity for advancement based upon an outgoing training program coupled with a strong work ethic.


We represent our clients with professionalism, honesty, and integrity to ensure that we bring them quality, long lasting customers. Lastly, our goal is to MAKE THE DAY with everyone we come across, co-workers, customers and clients.


Blueprint Consulting has developed a career advancement path that leads to long-term success. We provide our people with self-assessment tools, constant coaching, hands on training, and clear timelines necessary to manage and chart progress.

Our team never feels the pain of career stagnation because they always know where they stand and what is needed to succeed at each stage of their development.



Management Trainee

Account Representative

HR Recruiting

Blueprint Consulting is the biggest opportunity I have ever received. I love the company values, culture and vision. The entire organization has helped me grow not just professionally but personally as well. I am eager to be 100% F.I.T.T. and can't wait until it's my time to expand!

Kaitlyn Appleby

Laid back fun environment, but the opportunity of advancement makes you want to change your everyday work habits, as well as your long term goals.

Matt Edington

I came to Blueprint Consulting seeking a change from my previous positions. At which point, I found out that it's more than just a job, it's working with and developing a work family in order to facilitate growth. It's about recognizing opportunity and knowing everyone wants to push you to achieve your personal goals.

Marlon Douglas

The work culture, environment, and atmosphere leaves nothing to be desired. This company has it all and provides an opportunity for advancement like no other. Work hard, play hard, and reap the benefits of everything this company has to offer.

Kevin Brittain

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