Mitchell grew up in the big city of Dallas, TX. He was born and raised in the suburb of Rockwall, TX. Where he attended Rockwall High School. After graduating high school, he moved to San Marcos to attend Texas State University. During his schooling he found a love for business & entrepreneurship and realized that’s what he wanted to do with his life. After gaining 2 years of education there, he had an opportunity to transfer into the University of Texas at Austin. Where he would finish his school in the prestigious McCombs School of Business.

Mitchell eventually gained his degree with a major in Marketing and minor in Business Management. After graduating he realized that he wanted to put his degree to use as soon as possible and find work in the Austin area. With little to no experience in the business world, Mitchell quickly came to the realization that he needed to gain experience in an entry-level marketing position. After starting his search and going on several different interviews, he was lucky to find a perfect job that suited him and his ambitions. He found a job in Austin, TX utilizing his degrees and even giving him real world experience in all aspects of sales, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. He had always wanted to be able to run his own business, but never had the capital or experience/knowledge to do so. This company gave him the blue print of how to reach his goals with training in every position. It gave him all of the necessary tools to be successful.

After being in the company for only 6 months, Mitchell was given an opportunity to relocate to Denver, Co. This opportunity gave him the chance to gain experience and help open up a new sales and marketing branch. After relocating and getting the chance to see the success of the new branch, his eyes were opened to the possibilities with this company. They were rapidly expanding and he wanted to be a part of this big growth opportunity. He knew exactly what he needed to do in order to get promoted. He progressed through the management training program within 18 months.

After getting promoted to Managing Partner in April 2013, Mitchell moved with a team to open up an Office in the beautiful Kansas City area. Since opening, he and his office have won numerous awards and he was nominated for Rookie Manager of the year.

Mitchell and his team have already expanded to another market in Jacksonville, Florida on behalf of their client and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. His future goals are to continue to expand and give opportunity to his future business partners and their clients.